Hot Dog!

An existential cabaret about the life of some mediocre meat. Hailing from the cozy wilds of the Pacific Northwest, The Fun Bags: Sadye Osterloh (hilarious circus artist of the Runaway Circus), and Della "Moustachella" Plaster (physical comedian of the Bellingham Circus Guild), team up to bring forth a show bound to tear your funny bone to smithereens! Want to be smothered in fun? Ready to relish in ridiculousness? Ketchup with these doggies as they explore friendship, vulnerabilities, winning, and the true meaning of niceness. Who knows what other bizarre tidbits you’ll find within?




Comedic power duo Della and Sadye (a.k.a the Fun Bags) met back in 1943 when they tied for the Miss Congeniality Award at the Arkansas County Fair. Since then, its been one big fun time picnic party. They both share a love for each other and all the ways they think they're alike but they're not. Or are they? They're close enough to use the same toothpick. They're cut from the same cheese mold. They can walk and chew gum at the same time...while riding two horses ALSO at the same time. By golly, they're the same.

Della Moustachella

Della has been a prolific circus and comedic variety performer for over a decade and has a genuine desire to connect with people and audiences. Della has been under the varied tutelage of multiple clown and physical theater instructors from France, to Canada, to Maine, and has created her own workshop on physical comedy and play. She brings healthy lifestyle education to elementary schools with The Real Food Show, which she co-wrote with her comedy idol, the late Flying Karamazov Brother, Sam Williams. Other skills include juggling, writing postcards, and squealing about tiny animals.

Sadye Osterloh

Sadye has toured nationally and internationally with The Runaway Circus as co-founder, choreographer and performer. She studied at the San Francisco Circus Center and with Eugene Baranok where she discovered her passion for comedy trapeze (static, duo and flying), acrobatics and general funny business. As co-founder and director of The Toy Boat Circus School, she spread the joy and empowerment of circus arts to people young and old. Other skills include: tearing it up on the cheese grater, writing the word tutelage, opening jars that other people have previously loosened up and feeling triumphant about it.

The Fun Bags offer physical comedy, comedic aerial classes, circus arts for trauma survivors and more. For more info, hop on our newsletter or contact us!